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 System Requirements
  • A computer/laptop/tablet
  • An internet connection
  • A browser
  • A PDF viewer (Adobe - free)

That's it! Our program will run on anything that can access the internet. We have designed our program to work with all major browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, AOL, Safari ...).

If you want to use the scanned documents feature, you will need a scanner in your office. We don't care what kind - anything will work.

If you want to use an electronic signature pad, you can order one from us or purchase one elsewhere.

Most frequent response to this is: 

What?? There are no other requirements?

Our answer is:

No! Because the program runs on our servers, there are no other requirements. Our program does not care what Operating System you use - Windows 10, Windows XP; Vista; Windows 98; Windows 95; Linux; Mac - doesn't matter. Our program will work on them all.

What does this mean for your county/state or office?

This means you don't have to buy anything to use our program - well - other than VetraSpec!

You and your IT staff will never have to install, configure, maintain or support anything associated with our program. No updates, no hardware purchases, no software purchases. How cool is that?


A few benefits

Since VetraSpec runs on our servers, it is compatible with all operating systems and browsers.

Updates are installed automatically on our servers without interrupting your service.

All data is backed up on our servers. The backups run 24x7 incrementally, and an additional, complete backup is taken once a day..

You have access to your data from any computer with internet access.








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